Desk Inspiration

desk inspro

Lately I’ve been seeing so many cute desk accessories or desk photos online and have really wanted to create a desk for myself that inspires my creativity and its still organized and efficient.

I am currently studying constantly for the CPA exam and have not been working at my desk because its just very bland and uninviting. So, in lieu of all the fabulous photos of other bloggers work spaces, I’ve decided to do a post on what goods and looks I’ve been wanted to create for my desk.

First off you need a great desk, mine is from Ikea, although it does not have much storage underneath – just two drawers, I like how long it is allowing me to spread out all my materials at once.


Besta Burs White Gloss Desk

There are tons of great chic desks for every type of work – cheap ones too!

(here are some links – Micke Desk ($49.99), Threshold Basic Desk ($93.99, Mixed Material Desk ($99.99))

As far as what goe son top of your desk, you can personalize it with so many cute office supplies and really make it your own style – personally I am loving the Kate Spade Desk accessories, I love gold accents!

desk accesories

A beautiful arrangement of flowers also doesn’t hurt to class up any desktop. Candles also give a relaxing vibe to your work setting by allowing you to smell your favorite scent all day, my favorite candles are the Voluspa ones – they have so many scents that really fill the room when lit.

One thing that I always love to have on my desk and also carry around with me on a daily basis are cute notebooks. There are so many designer planners and notebooks out that are that are super cute! My favorite notebooks are the MayBooks (I recently posted about them) because they’re super affordable and come in some many different customized prints!


Johnathan Adler and Poppin have a variety of notebooks and planning that range from cute to chic!

Let me know what your desk essentials are!

Happy Reading!

Maura xoxo


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