Winter Skincare Essentials

Winter Skincare Essentials

Klorane eye care

Clinique beauty product
$35 –

Rimmel makeup primer
$8.73 –

Slip Silk eye mask
$41 –


Beauty Wishlist


This time of year a lot of new products are coming out or generating a lot of buzz that I just can’t wait to get my hands on.

Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette in The Dolce Vita

I’ve never purchased anything but Charlotte Tilbury but I’ve heard so many great things about the line. I definitely have more than one product from her that I want but this eyeshadow palette just looks too beautiful to pass up.

Klorane Soothing and Relaxing Patches

I had a sample of these and they really do soothe like they say! Ive really been getting into eye patches and have to pick up more of these.

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation Concealer

I saw Amelia Liana apply this on her youtube channel and it looked so flawless, need to try it! It also seems like a great two in one product to use on the go.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick

Also an Amelia Liana favorite, but I have been wanting a new liquid lipstick. The shade Soft Beige looks super pretty.

Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 1.03.19 PM.png

Albeit Contour Kit

I just hit pan on my Kat Von D contour palette and that one was a little bit too dark for me. This one looks perfect! I love the peachy tones and the gold packaging is so cute.


Artis Oval 7 Brush

These brushes have been on my wishlist for a while. But at $60 a brush, I haven’t been able to justify it. A girl can dream though!


Eyeko Black Magic Mascara

I’ve been in a mascara rut lately, I can’t find out that I’ve liked since Too Faced Better than Sex – but that one was constantly flaking onto the skin below my eyes. After much research, I take my mascara very seriously, I think I’ve found the mascara my lashes need. Will let you know if I love it!


Shape Tape Contour Concealer

This concealer is CONSTANTLY sold out, I’m not even entirely sure why it’s so special but I watched youtube Mallory Ervin apply it in a recent video and it looked amazing. Whenever I can get my hands on it, I’m going to pounce.

Let me know what your current beauty favorites are!

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5 Foundations that ACTUALLY cover your acne


I’ve had my fair share of acne struggles since I was 14 and had a minefield in between my eyebrows. Through many phases of trial and error I have found some really great foundations; high end and drugstore that really do cover those pesky bumps. I feel like any tips I have picked up along the way should be shared because honestly, pimples are just the worst.

double wear

1.Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay‑in‑Place Makeup $38.00

2.Revlon Color Stay Whipped Creme Makeup $12.99

3. It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream with SPF 50 $38.00

4. Clinque Even Better Makeup SPF 15 $27.00

5. Kat Von D Lock-it Tatoo Foundation $35.00

My all time favorite is the Estée Lauder Makeup, it does not look caked on and when applied with a wet beauty blender it creates a flawless look, truly covering any redness or acne you may have. It also really does last all day, take it from someone who puts on her makeup at 7 am and doesn’t take it off until at least 7 pm.

Whats great about the It Cosmetics and Clinque foundations is that they have coverage as well as an SPF to help protect your skin. The Even Better foundation I have been wearing for years and has a great build-able coverage look, while still looking very natural. The It Cosmetics is a new discovery for me but a little bit will cover any mark you have on your face, who can complain about that?

Now, lets not forget about the Revlon Color Stay Whipped foundation. This was the first foundation I had ever tried and I’ve been repurchasing it ever since, it gives such a matte full coverage look and its half the price. I’ve had friends ask me why my skin looks so good while wearing this foundation! It’s definitely a staple in my collection. The only reason I wouldn’t recommend wearing it everyday would be that its pretty thick. That’s not to say that it feels heavy on the skin, but for me its more of a night out foundation or if I know I’ll need my makeup to hold up for 24 hours.

The Kat Von D foundation is very similar to the Revlon one in coverage and feel on the skin, however you will need way less, one pump of this pretty much covers my whole face and has great staying power.

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Maura xoxo

Beauty Wishlist

Beauty Wishlist

Face moisturizer

Giorgio Armani moisturizing foundation

Rose eyeshadow

Angled makeup brush

Ciate Paint Polish
$15 –

Fall Beauty Crush

Fall Beauty Crush

Deborah Lippmann nail polish
$25 –

Chanel makeup

Bobbi brown cosmetic

Shimmer makeup

Charlotte Tilbury cream foundation
$45 –

Tarte blush

Lancôme mascara

Nars cosmetic

Matte lipstick

Urban Decay concealer

My Favorite Youtubers


First things first, I NEED to mention my favorite of all time, Amelia Liana. I literally look forward to her videos every week. First off her British accent makes her even more fun to listen to, and honestly she is just my personal adviser and she doesn’t even know it. Her personal style is amazing and I love watching her haul videos to see where she gets her clothes from and how she styles them. My favorite videos are her vlogs, not only does she have a fabulous life but her family and friends and super cute and fun.

I look to her for all my skincare and makeup recommendations because she honestly tries it all, and I’ve discovered most of my favorite products from her suggestions! Link to her channel here.


She’s also isn’t afraid to cross a line and share with you how she copes with personal women’s issues, which I love! Sometimes you just need to know how to cure your razorburn!

Tess Christine


I’ve been watching Tess for two years now and she has really grown as a youtuber. She collaborates with her boyfriend who films her and they make really artsy well done Get the look videos, Outfit of the week  and routine videos. She also films tutorials and tags herself, right from her apartment.

I love her style and she uses a good mix of high end products and drug store products which I really like about her. I also just get the impression that she’s really down to earth and grateful for the opportunities she’s been given. Overall, she’s just super cute and I can really relate to her life because we are the same age. Click here to watch her videos!

Alex Garza

mqdefault (1)

Alex has some really great makeup tips and product recommendations which is mostly why I watch her channel. I also love her style videos because she definitely has a preppy style and I do like to mix that into my own closet from time to time.

I equally love her diet and fitness videos, she lost a lot of weight for her wedding and seeing her progress really makes its seem attainable. I love to see where she gets her clothes and accessories from! Check out her videos here.

Youtube is just a great place to get tips on everything beauty and fashion related! The videos can also be really funny on top of that depending on who you’re watching. My favorite sarcastic youtuber would hands down be Meghan Rienks, Click here to watch her videos.

Happy Reading!

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Product Spotlight: Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm

Cleansing Balm

When this came out a year ago I was DYING to get my hands on it and try it out, I had used cleansing oils before and really like them but something about this just seemed easier to use and intriguing. However, because it was a little pricey – for a broke college student, I decided to wait to try it.

After purchasing it at the beginning of this summer I can say that it’s honestly as amazing as everyone says it is! Much like a cleansing oil in effectiveness but I have an easier time using it because it’s not slipping through my fingers when I transfer it to my face. The consistency freaked me out a little when I first started using it because its literally an equivalent to Crisco but it actually works beautifully.


This product is easily an all in one essential that I would recommend to add to anyone’s skincare routine, it eliminates the need for cleaners! I have sensitive skin, that’s acne prone and my skin has never broken out from this product. I also tend to get oil build up and since using this have noticed my face isn’t as oily throughout the day – my skin has just responded so positively to this product I cannot think of using anything else to remove my makeup and cleanse my skin! It’s like every lazy girls dream! You just take a dab in your hand massage it on your eyes and face and bam – you’re done!

Click here to buy this amazing product – the reviews don’t lie!

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The Perfect Pink?

The Perfect Pink?

Is there really such a thing? Ive tried many a pinks and still struggle with which hue is exactly that go-to pink, the one you can wear year round no problem. My two personal favorites are Essie’s Muchi Muchi and Fiji. I like my pink to be pretty opaque where as I know tons of girls that like there to be a very pale pink where it almost looks like just your nail. But for me, I think it has a little more substance when it’s really a pop of pink, but still a nice baby pink. Let me know what your favorite pink is!

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Christian Dior pink nail polish
$30 –

Nails Inc pastel nail polish
$24 –

OPI nail lacquer
$20 –

Opi nail lacquer
$20 –

August Beauty Favs So Far

august 11th

I recently went a little crazy at the mall and got a bunch of new goodies for my summer makeup routine! After about a month of using all of them everyday these are my favorite for long-lasting makeup for your workday!

The Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara is AMAZING, I had heard a lot of hype about it and finally bought it, let me tell you it’s worth the price, my lashes double in length! I also picked up a few of the Bobbi Brown cream eye shadow sticks in the colors Dusty Mauve and Golden Pink, these swatched beautifully at the store and I just could resist! But now after wearing them for a while daily they really do last all day! And they blend amazingly. My foundation that is now the only foundation I can wear is work is the Estee Lauder Double Wear – this stuff really does last as long as it says it does. Through sweat, rain and a full 12 hour day it doesn’t even budge! I have literally even slept in it (which you really shouldn’t do) and I’ve woken up with it still looking pretty decent and not all over my pillow either – pretty amazing.

The next two are a powder bronzer from NYC and a powder foundation from Kiko that I use as a powder to set my makeup. The bronzer is just a perfect shade thats non-shimmery and isn’t muddy or orange looking. The Kiko mineral foundation was just a random buy when I needed powder and I love it! I can put it on over my foundation and it makes your skin look flawless, I am so happy to have found this product.

I am always looking for long-lasting makeup suggestions so if anyone has any feel free to leave comments!

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Too Faced Better Than Sex MascaraEstée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place MakeupBobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Powder – SunnyKIKO SOFT FOCUS COMPACT WET & DRY MINERAL FOUNDATION

Monday’s 5 Essentials


Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Vera//Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer//

GlamGlow Brightmud eye treatment//It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under-eye Concealer//Bath and Body Works Energy Body

Now we all know how rough Monday can be, either you’ve traveled for the weekend, gone out and maybe drank a little too much or you just feel like you didn’t get enough R&R this weekend. I happened to be in the sun all weekend, hence my first essential on a Monday – Vaseline Intensive Moisturizer with Aloe Vera. I love the fresh scent it gives off and if you forgot to apply SPF you may need that Aloe Vera to soothe you skin…aka I’m sunburned :(. But honestly, my friends and I love this just as a moisturizer on its own! Its great as a daily moisturizer and makes you feel refreshed.

My second essential – Clinique’s dramatically different moisturizer, just seems to perk my face up when I wake up feeling sluggish and also helps get some hydration back into your skin after a weekend full of neglectful skincare (you can tell my beauty routine kind of flies out the window on weekends). I have been using this moisturizing for years – stealing my mom’s when I was little because I liked the color. It has never failed to make my skin feel soft and moisturized, not to mention it creates a perfect canvas for makeup.

My next two essentials are both for the eyes – which seems to always be the dead giveaway that I’ve had a little too much fun the past weekend (whoops!) I was fortunate enough to snag the Glamglow eye treatment at Marshall’s in their beauty section and was super excited to try it out because their products are so expensive at the normal prices. I ended loving it my eyes looked so bright, big and beautiful, which is actually kind of a bummer because it is so expensive 😦 but regardless if you’re in need or a product to make you look awake, this is definitely worth a try! And if maybe you can’t get your hands on this magical stuff, try the It cosmetics Bye Bye under eye concealer, I’ve been using this for a year now and its heavy duty coverage, I wouldn’t suggest it for daily use, just because it is such a thick consistency, it’s really only needed on those days where you have a lot to cover up! I have the lightest tone which is very white-cream toned, making it a banging highlighter for your under eyes while also concealing! Honestly, its an amazing product and has been used as Nina Dobrev’s go to product for years on the set of The Vampire Diaries.

My last essential is a mood lifter for me, I’ve never been a big believer in aroma therapy or essential oils but I smelled this in the store and had to take it home. I spray it in the mornings when I’m feeling a little sluggish and it just magically lifts my spirits, its unreal. I also have the sleep mist which has lavender in it and I use that on a regular basis, its just such a nice relaxing scent to fall asleep to! Certain scents have been know to alter moods depending on their familiarity or potency, so I really recommend trying to find a scent like this one that can help you out when you’re low on energy.

I hope these 5 essentials can help you out with your Monday blues!

Happy Reading!