My Favorite Youtubers


First things first, I NEED to mention my favorite of all time, Amelia Liana. I literally look forward to her videos every week. First off her British accent makes her even more fun to listen to, and honestly she is just my personal adviser and she doesn’t even know it. Her personal style is amazing and I love watching her haul videos to see where she gets her clothes from and how she styles them. My favorite videos are her vlogs, not only does she have a fabulous life but her family and friends and super cute and fun.

I look to her for all my skincare and makeup recommendations because she honestly tries it all, and I’ve discovered most of my favorite products from her suggestions! Link to her channel here.


She’s also isn’t afraid to cross a line and share with you how she copes with personal women’s issues, which I love! Sometimes you just need to know how to cure your razorburn!

Tess Christine


I’ve been watching Tess for two years now and she has really grown as a youtuber. She collaborates with her boyfriend who films her and they make really artsy well done Get the look videos, Outfit of the week  and routine videos. She also films tutorials and tags herself, right from her apartment.

I love her style and she uses a good mix of high end products and drug store products which I really like about her. I also just get the impression that she’s really down to earth and grateful for the opportunities she’s been given. Overall, she’s just super cute and I can really relate to her life because we are the same age. Click here to watch her videos!

Alex Garza

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Alex has some really great makeup tips and product recommendations which is mostly why I watch her channel. I also love her style videos because she definitely has a preppy style and I do like to mix that into my own closet from time to time.

I equally love her diet and fitness videos, she lost a lot of weight for her wedding and seeing her progress really makes its seem attainable. I love to see where she gets her clothes and accessories from! Check out her videos here.

Youtube is just a great place to get tips on everything beauty and fashion related! The videos can also be really funny on top of that depending on who you’re watching. My favorite sarcastic youtuber would hands down be Meghan Rienks, Click here to watch her videos.

Happy Reading!

Maura xoxo