The office style guide: Interview Ready

So I feel like my blog has kind of gotten away from my original view for it; to provide everyday looks for a casual office setting. In an effort to try and get back to office-styling, I’m sharing some styling tips for an interview outfit!

The biggest piece of advice I get is to not wear purple or red to an interview, not sure why but those colors are shown to make people angry or unhappy. So stay away! I tend to lean towards a neutral palette with some great accessories as accents. I have been complemented on my necklace or shoes at an interview and I think that gives them a lasting memory of you in their mind.

As I’ve been shopping I’ve seen great pieces from J. Crew and Anne Taylor that would be stylish while still looking professional.

I love these shoes I actually was going to get them in the spring but the velvet is gorgeous! And they are a great way to add a touch of style to your interview outfit.


Velvet Tied-Up Heels

This would be great for an interview at a more edgy company where you can really show your personal style!


A-Line Skirt


A dress for me is always the easiest outfit for a interview. You can do a fabulous heel with it and look super classy. I love the bell sleeves on this one and the flattering silhouette.

Flutter Sleeve Dress

These are some statement accessories that will get you noticed but at the same time don’t look over the top with a professional outfit.

Druzy Drops // Star Tassel Necklace // Double Layer Chain Necklace


Just purchased this and I adore it! So flattering.

Silk Blouse


THIS blazer! For me blazers are tough, I find they make me look way to boxy and don’t flatter my body type. This one reminds me of the classic Chanel tweed. It would also add flare to a plain skirt or pants bottom.

Fringe Trim Blazer


I just bought this recently and love it’s versatility. It’s very office appropriate and I love the bow.

Piped Tie Neck Blouse


These, while boring, are amazing pants. I love the stretchy fabric of J. Crew’s pants and these are the ultimate work pants.

Campbell Trouser


If you’re feeling a little adventurous, a printed trouser is a great addition to your work wear. These ones are so cute and I love the cropped style.

Floral Pants

I hope this has given you all some office style inspiration. No one needs to be wearing the boring old black suit-white shirt anymore! Now you’re ready to take on any interview!

Happy Reading!

Maura xoxo


Colder Times Ahead


Now that the cold weather has officially rolled into New York City, it’s officially time to start really thinking before I leave the house for my commute. First things first, you need some comfy coats that can withstand the bite of the autumn air. This was something that took me a while to master. I always see a cute coat in H&M or Zara and I get suckered into it thinking “Oh, this is thick enough, I’ll be fine,” only to be shivering through the whole season. Pro Tip: Don’t let the trendy polyester coats pull you in.

I always go for a wool coat with a good collar for the wind. Make sure it’s lined so that the wool is not itchy on your skin –  been there, done that.


This one is from J Crew Factory – it’s a wool/ poly blend and has a GREAT collar, also your paying less at the factory store!

The other three items I can’t leave the house without? Gloves, A blanket scarf and a hot mug of tea/coffee.

Zara scarf.JPG

I just picked up this blanket scarf from Zara and oh my gosh it’s so soft and warm. A blanket scarf is essential for me because the train rides can be cold and sometimes you really need to wrap yourself up.


Gloves are investment piece for sure. I got these leather Ugg ones last Christmas and my hands have never been happier. They are also smart gloves so no removal for texting needed. And they really work too trust me.

Now, if you know me, you know I take my travel mugs/ water bottles very seriously. Of course I’d recommend a Swell for keeping your liquids hot and cold, but for ease of access, this Yeti one has become my new favorite. The company makes AMAZING coolers and this travel mug does not disappoint.


I hope this can keep you a little warmer as the temperature continues to drop!

Happy Reading

Maura xoxo