Favorite NYC Spots


Having just moved out of Manhattan to Boston, I feel like this is the perfect time to reflect on my favorite spots. When I lived there I was constantly googling places to go and there’s not much out there that isn’t repeating what has already been written about, so here’s my favorite spots for you all to check out!

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I’m going to start off with my absolute favorite thing to do on the weekends in NYC: Brunch!

  1. Hotel Chantelle
  2. Jacob’s Pickles
  3. Caroll Place
  4. Three of Cups
  5. Sotto 13

I don’t want to talk too much about each but each of these has a great brunch deal and great ambiance, whether you’re looking for a more upscale bunch (Hotel Chantelle and Sotto 13) or just a great deal (Caroll Place and Three of Cups). All of these should be added to your regular brunch spots. The Chocolate filled mini donuts at Sotto 13…OMG. Jacob’s Pickles is a must if you’re living in Manhattan, its the best homestyle brunch, you’ll be full for days.

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My absolute favorite dinner spot is Fig and Olive, there are a few locations throughout Manhattan and honestly I have never a meal that was other than exceptional. My fav thing on the menu? The toasts tasting appetizer.

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As far as hidden gems go I have to give a shout to Astoria Seafood. It really doesn’t look like much but once you go you’ll see how delicious it is. It’s in a quiet area of Astoria Queens and you have to put your name in and wait a little pretty much every time. Make sure your whole party is there! Then once inside you go to the back and pick out fresh seafood on ice and put in a bag. After paying for the seafood you present it to the chefs and tell them how you want it prepared! It makes for an amazing dining experience. The seafood is so fresh, I typically get scallops prepared in garlic and butter and then some sort of fish. You can also order a family style greek salad and garlic bread. Everything will be super delicious, trust me.

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Favorite place for a night out? I have a few spots. I feel that everyone should try the cult favorites like Up and Down, Beauty Bar, Houston Hall, Hair of the Dog, etc they’re all fun but can be really crowded. Personally I like to just sit, drink and chat. I also love a good dance floor when I’m in the mood. For dancing, I like The Red Lion Inn, there’s usually a live performer and the drink deals can be great! As far as more quiet bars, I love E-Bar in the UWS (great first date spot) as well as Death and Co. which is more of a speakeasy vibe. Another great place to have some fun in Fiddlesticks in the West Village, while it’s typically crowded, it’s always a good time.

I hope this helps any of you tackle the thousands of spots in NYC!

Happy Reading

Maura xoxo


Colder Times Ahead


Now that the cold weather has officially rolled into New York City, it’s officially time to start really thinking before I leave the house for my commute. First things first, you need some comfy coats that can withstand the bite of the autumn air. This was something that took me a while to master. I always see a cute coat in H&M or Zara and I get suckered into it thinking “Oh, this is thick enough, I’ll be fine,” only to be shivering through the whole season. Pro Tip: Don’t let the trendy polyester coats pull you in.

I always go for a wool coat with a good collar for the wind. Make sure it’s lined so that the wool is not itchy on your skin –  been there, done that.


This one is from J Crew Factory – it’s a wool/ poly blend and has a GREAT collar, also your paying less at the factory store!

The other three items I can’t leave the house without? Gloves, A blanket scarf and a hot mug of tea/coffee.

Zara scarf.JPG

I just picked up this blanket scarf from Zara and oh my gosh it’s so soft and warm. A blanket scarf is essential for me because the train rides can be cold and sometimes you really need to wrap yourself up.


Gloves are investment piece for sure. I got these leather Ugg ones last Christmas and my hands have never been happier. They are also smart gloves so no removal for texting needed. And they really work too trust me.

Now, if you know me, you know I take my travel mugs/ water bottles very seriously. Of course I’d recommend a Swell for keeping your liquids hot and cold, but for ease of access, this Yeti one has become my new favorite. The company makes AMAZING coolers and this travel mug does not disappoint.


I hope this can keep you a little warmer as the temperature continues to drop!

Happy Reading

Maura xoxo